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ISFREN RX magic-skin Solution GW

Goose bump cream

Take a good care of your goose bump skin so you can get that flawless smooth skin!


Why does goose bump skin appear?


And What causes this skin problem?

  • The dead skin cell builds up in the very inner side of the pores and the skin starts to swell, and thickens, it appears to look like you have a goose bump.
  • Plus, evaporation of skin’s moisture causes the skin cells to get thick and hard which will result in irritated red skin.


Why does goose bump skin often appear on arm, thigh, and bum area?

  • The pores can easily get clogged than other areas that has less sebaceous glands.


Why choose ISFREN’s Magic skin 2-week solution?

  • The skin cells stay on the strata layer for 14 days, Magic Skin Solution G is formulated with specialized ingredients to rapidly maximize the improvement of the skin to work in 2 weeks.


Magic Skin Solution GW’s SPECIAL 5 ingredients!


  1. No irritation but so fresh! Natural skin cell softening ingredients.The goose bump skin needs to be treated with supple moisture, and thickened skin cell that’s hard to see by soft toning process.
  2. Promotes healthy skin strata layer with Special licensed Amino Acid Complex with mixture of 17 types of amino acid (Including Glycine/ serine/ glutamic acid/ asphaltic acid/ lysine/ alanine/ arginine/ tyrosine/ phenylalanine/ valine/ threonine/ proline/ isolysin/ histamine/ methionine/ Systane)
  3. Naturally derived plant extract mixture to improve any redness with specialized ingredients ‘BSASM’ (including rosemary leaf, Matricaria flower extract, green tea, spain licorice root, reynoutria japonica extract, mistletoe extract)
  4. Skin Turn-over with Oriental Beauty Fruits Complex! Contains 4 types of special licensed oriental fruit complex to promote healthy skin (including pomegranate, figs, mulberry, gingko).
  5. Evens the skin tone with Specialized ingredients ‘Madewhite’ which contains madecassoside (Derived from Cantella Asiatica) to improve the overall skin tone.


**Also approved by Korean Dermatology Research Institute for non-irritation ingredients **